NORAI GROUP was founded in 1982 by 19 wholesale distributor of paints, established in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, to join efforts to achieve improved supply and capacityto service in front of the needs of the sector and the entry into the European market.

GROUP NORAI is currently the largest group of Catalan industry. It has a wide network of establishments around the country, more than 20.000m2 of land, 70 vehicles and over 200 people at your service.

The professionalism of GROUP NORAI allow us to respond all the needs of the market, from the most basic to the most specialized industry.

With over 30,000 product references in the establishments of the NORAI GROUP, we can provide all solutions to the current market demand.

As a result of experience gained over the years and the merger of efforts by all membersthat are in the NORAI GROUP, we are delighted to present the solution you need.

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'NORAI gives another color to
the world of painting'

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