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More than 50 years dedicated to the world of painting has allowed us to have a great selection of the best paint for each job. Comercial Pintures offers the widest range of brands and products to achieve what you want And the most important, we know that works.

Plastic paints, enamels, lasurs, primers, sealers, polyurethane, fireproof, health and much more. Allow you to paint everything that you imagine. Internal and external walls, floors, wood, iron, rooftops, parking, operating rooms, food cameras, metal structures, sports facilities, road signs�

Our ink systems allow select the color you're looking for and performed it with the right productfor what you want to paint.

And to make matters worse, all solvent-based enamel, can be pack into the spray to facilitate the application and improve the finish.

Both privately and at industrial level, Our more than 4.000m2 capacity of stock allow you to have everything you need whenever you need.

Always with a 100% personalized attention to find the solution to every problem that may arise.

Comercial Pintures

After more than 50 years at your service, now we are colser a little more to our customers through this website. Welcome to COMMERCIAL PINTURES, now also available, ONLINE!

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In Comercial Pintures we like making things easier for our customers, always offering the best quality in all our services. Do not miss what Comercial Pintures offers to you...

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Comercial Pintures in Lleida Own car Park 100% accessible building

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